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We help you grow on Amazon by focusing on the areas that matter most.

Operating in a fully transparent way, we start with what will make the biggest impact for your business and plan all the steps with you - choose a fixed package, fully managed service, or a custom solution.

Listing Optimisation

Boost your product discoverability AND increase its conversion by having your listing re-designed, re-written, and re-optimised by our optimisation expert.

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We then research the competition and category to determine what works, what doesn’t, and how to make your product stand out.

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We begin by learning about your product and brand to gain a full understanding of its place in the market, followed by an ASIN Health Check.

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Everything we provide can be packaged up for you to implement, or save time by letting us execute everything for you.

Listing Optimisation Copy Only

SEO and keyword-optimised copy, including:

  • Product Title

  • 5 bullet points

  • Product Description

  • 250 bytes of back-end Search Term keywords and phrases

  • All are within character limits and verified against Amazon’s guidelines and rules

£250 per individual ASIN
£1,000 for 5 ASINs

Listing Optimisation Basic

Includes everything in the Copy Only package, plus:

7 optimised carousel listing images:

  • 1 Main Image

  • 6 Features & Benefits images, a mixture of lifestyle and infographic

Competitor report containing a list of key competitor products, including:

  • Estimated monthly sales volume and revenue

  • Product pricing

  • Number of sellers

  • Top keywords they are optimising for, including in paid advertising

From £1,000 per ASIN, contact us for an accurate quote

Listing Optimisation Plus

Includes everything in the Copy Only and Basic packages, plus:

A+ Content Design:

  • Brand header and rich content creation, images and text included

  • Full SEO and alt text optimisations

  • Up to 500 words of indexable copy

Brand Story Content Design:

  • Interactive carousel showcasing more about the brand, products, and benefits

From £2,500 per ASIN, contact us for an accurate quote

closeup photo of white teacup
closeup photo of white teacup
”The team at Reflex provided us with a personalised service that aligned with our business objectives and sales goals”

- BridgePro Home Appliances Founder

Amazon SEO

Improve your product discoverability and indexing by implementing effective and relevant keywords that have proven conversion capability. We recommend the SEO Plus package for more metrics behind each keyword so you can be strategic about where to use them in PDPs and advertising campaigns.

- 2 -

Then we hand-select keywords and phrases based on their effectiveness, relevance to your product, and conversion.

- 1 -

We research up to 5 of your products, their competitors, and category to determine the most relevant keywords.

- 3 -

Finally, all keywords are checked against Amazon’s guidelines and rules before supplying them to you.

SEO Basic

What you'll receive:

  • A list of high-converting, hand-selected keywords and search term phrases for each ASIN ready for you to use in your product listing

  • 250 bytes of search terms for each ASIN to be used in the back-end Search Term field

£150 per individual ASIN

SEO Plus

Includes everything in the SEO Basic package, plus:

For each keyword and phrase:

  • Monthly search volume

  • Number of other products are using this term in paid advertising

£250 per individual ASIN

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