Amazon Ads Management

Maximise your Amazon sales without the stress and know-how of managing targeted PPC campaigns.

Our process is simple, and the pricing is even simpler!

As an Amazon Ads Verified Partner, we take pride in developing and executing Amazon Advertising strategies that are not just profit-enhancing, but also crafted to meet the highest industry standards.

Our Process

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Discovery & Onboarding

We'll first have a discovery call to agree on campaign targets, expectations, and deliverables, and finally conduct numerous audits to gather the full state of play. We'll become experts of your products and categories so we ensure the targeting is spot on.

Execution & Optimisation Loop

Now we implement all our findings into bespoke ad campaigns and strategies to achieve the goals. Then we enter an Optimisation Loop where performance is frequently monitored, analysed, and tweaked based on how it's doing. Neither Amazon nor customers ever stand still!


Throughout the Optimisation Loop, we deliver on all our agreed reporting and metrics, discussing the next steps, recommendations, and the future of your advertising campaigns.

Our pricing is super simple - once we've both agreed on what we want to achieve, you'll pay a flat set-up fee and then a reasonable monthly percentage of sales revenue generated.

This means you're confident you're getting our best and if you're unhappy for whatever reason we'll finish out that month and part ways. Win-win!

To get prepared for success, together we'll follow three stages:

We're your next Amazon PPC agency

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