Amazon’s new self-service advertising method, Sponsored TV, is now available in beta in the UK

Find out everything you need to know about Amazon’s new self-service advertising method, Sponsored TV, which is now available in the Advertising Console for sellers in the UK.

7/5/20243 min read

Sponsored TV is a self-service ad solution that can help you connect with new customers to grow your brand even if you’re new to TV advertising.

Powered by Amazon shopping & streaming signals, Sponsored TV is an opportunity for you to complement your Sponsored Display Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Products efforts.

Help inspire shoppers on streaming TV services like Prime Video, Freevee, Twitch, and other Streaming TV publishers. As the campaign owner, you’re in control of your ad spend—that means no minimum spend requirements and the ability to set daily budget caps.

To help shoppers engage with your ads, Sponsored TV ads are eligible for interactive overlays and burnt-in elements. This means viewers can scan QR code within your ads to consider a brand’s product detail page on their mobile device or add products to their cart with their TV remote.

Benefits of using Sponsored TV
  • Connect with viewers likely to be interested in categories of products sold on Amazon like fitness equipment (if you operate a gym), as well as specific types of content, including video games (if your brand resonates with gamers).

  • Help build awareness of your brand among new audiences using sight, sound, and motion.

  • Help drive consideration with interactive ad formats so viewers can learn more about your products easily when interested in your ad.

  • Access interactive TV ad formats

  • Track branded search metrics

  • Reach audiences using TV interests

  • Supported on TV, Desktop, and Mobile

How it works
  1. Dates: We define the start date (can be same day) and have the option for an end date or to leave it running until we manually stop it.

  2. Budget: Recommended daily budget is £150-£250, however this can be as low or as high as you’d like. Consider the campaign goals before setting a budget.

  3. Landing page: Product pages currently in use on Amazon serve as the landing page.

  4. Targeting: Currently two targeting methods - ‘Content Interest’ and ‘In-market Categories’. Content Interest: Reach viewers likely to be interested in specific types of content. In-Market Categories: Reach viewers likely to be interested in specific product categories. Most of these can be further specified i.e. Beauty → Hair Care, Bath & Body, Skin Care, etc.

  5. Costing model: CPM - we define each Target’s bid as a cost per 1,000 views of the ad.

  6. Creative: This should be full-screen video that tells a clear, engaging story about your product and brand. Please read all of the requirements and guidelines fully before creating an ad or considering an existing video to be eligible

Basic specs are below, but also consider additional requirements if this will be an Interactive ad e.g. with a QR code burn-in.

Video specs
  • Review video guidelines

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080 (Minimum frame size)

  • File size: 500 MB or smaller

  • File format: H.264, HEVC (H.265), MPEG-2, MPEG-4

  • Length: 6 to 45 secNew tagNew

  • Frame rate: 23.976, 23.98, 24.0, 25.0, 29.97 (recommended), 29.98, 30.0, 48.0, 50.0, 59.94, 60.0 or 120.0 fps

  • Frame rate: Constant

  • Bitrate: 4 Mbps or higher (15 Mbps recommended)

  • Video stream: One only

Audio specs
  • Language: Must match ad locale

  • Sample rate: 44.1, 48 or 96kHz

  • Codec: PCM, AAC or MP3

  • Bit rate:192 kbps or higher

  • Format: Stereo or mono

  • Audio streams: One only

  • Audio channels: 2 (stereo) or more

Additional information
  • Creative will be manually reviewed by Amazon before it is eligible to be served.

  • This is rolling out to Sellers now in beta - features and methods can and will change as the system develops.

  • If it’s not visible in your Amazon Advertising Console yet, it will come soon.

  • This is a developing system and sales are not guaranteed.

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